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the boy and the gorilla

by jackie azúa kramer

illustrated by Cindy Derby

ISBN-10: 0763698326

ISBN-13: 978-0763698324

A little boy, mourning the loss of his mother, seeks comfort in the tender companionship of an imaginary gorilla, who helps him find solace in familiar activities. The little boy finds that just simply talking about the loss can help. As the world becomes a little brighter again, the boy turns to his father to share their grief together.

"The gorilla’s honest yet reassuring responses offer the child relief in the quest to understand. Feelings of hurt, confusion, isolation, and even resentment are acknowledged, but the gorilla’s gentle presence and wise responses help to recenter the soul. The artwork, full of expressive brush strokes and washes of color, offers a poeticism that perfectly matches the text. Luminous." Kirkus Starred Review

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