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Here's what I can share with you:


Imagination Station:

A playful jaunt into the imaginative world of children.  Children pretend to “open up” their umbrellas… “POP” into a world of their making. Followed by a shared writing as they create an original class book with the help of a real professional author. 


Give Me Five:

Share the pen with me! Learn how to integrate the five senses: touch; smell; sight; sound; taste-- into an original story, as they collaborate with Jackie. Children will learn firsthand how authors tap into sensory details to make their stories come alive.


Broadway Bound:

Join Jackie as she leads students through a rendition of her story through a Reader’s Theatre.  Children work together in dynamic groups to chorally read their parts so that everyone is included! This offers fluency work with purpose and fun that can be shared with other classrooms as they put on a show. 


Picture Books Are Not for Dummies:

Students can get real insights for the writing process.  Picture book authors create a dummy, or rough mock-up to help them find the perfect page turn. Children can create their own dummies to celebrate the writing process.


Brainy Beginnings:

Young writers learn how to engage with warm up exercises to evoke the writing process.   Brainstorm great ideas in an interactive experience:

  • Word Cloud

  • Beach ball Volley

Take an idea and never know what can lead to a great story.

My workshops can be adapted to fit your curriculum and are best suited for a classroom setting Grades 1to 3. Visits average 45 minutes.


Please contact me for rates and further information.


And yes, I'd also be glad to do Skype visits!


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Jackie Azua Kramer author visits

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