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we are one

by jackie azúa kramer

illustrated by Raissa Figueroa and Niña Mata

ISBN-10: 1542016940

ISBN-13: 978-1542016940

“Azúa Kramer offers up word pairs—seashell and wave, spark and idea—that provide creative metaphors of partnership in this idyllic picture of oneness through camaraderie... Employing smudgy, layered coloring, digital renderings from Figueroa and Mata portray figures of varying skin tones interacting…” —Publishers Weekly


"[E]ach page has its own heartwarming message that will give you pause. The illustrations are amazing, you must take the time to look at the details on every page. Bravo!” —Midwest Book Review

"As we raise up a generation of young people who we hope will help to build a better and more loving world, it is essential that we help them to see their connection with others and the world around them. This book illustrates this powerful message so well." - Reading with Red and the Magpie

"The lyrical text and stunning illustrations come together to create a truly unique and memorable experience. The book’s message of unity is especially timely in today’s world, and it is sure to inspire conversations about diversity and inclusion." - Mama Likes This

Two girls―one from a city who lives with her mom, and one who lives by the beach with her dads and brother―come together at a lantern festival in a beautiful story of how we are all one, whether near or far, friend or newcomer.

From an award-winning trio, this celebration of community, friendship, and the natural world features poetic, lyrical text paired with a vibrant visual tale of two characters, each illustrated by a different artist.

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